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入竅 Moment of Insight

蘇煌盛 Su, Huang-Sheng

2013,水墨 Ink Painting,91 x 213 x 5 cm 藝術家蘇煌盛以水墨畫作,傳達當代生活的精神狀態。作品〈入竅〉,以自我為對象,分別以三幅畫作,描繪穿著不同服飾的自己。他站立在黑暗中,沒有多餘的情緒表情,以側身姿態,望著空氣出神。空間浮現著幽微的藍色火光,神秘的場景氛圍,似乎與人物的內在思緒相互對應。畫面中,刻意運用白描與色彩分離的技法,搭配渲染構成影像晃動、挪移的視覺效果,形同靈魂離開身體的出竅狀態。蘇煌盛模擬形體抽離的精神樣貌,試圖表現日常難以被察覺的視覺感官經驗。 SU Huang-Sheng illustrated the detachment of the soul from the body in an attempt to represent visual experiences that cannot be readily put into words. These watercolor works convey the mental state of modern lifestyles. Moment of Insight is based upon the artist himself, and shows 3 panels of the artist clad in different clothing, wearing a bland facial expression, and standing in darkness with the only source of illumination being weak, blue flames. This mysterious atmosphere seemed to correspond with the thoughts of the subject of the painting. The sketches and colors were deliberately given a slight displacement, which supplemented the atmosphere in creating a unique visual effect where the soul seems to have left the body.