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心祭 The Offered Heart

沈信佑 Shen, Xin-You

2011,油畫 Oil Painting,130 x 291 x 2 cm (130 x 97 x 2 cm x 3P) 藝術家沈信佑透過作品傳達自我內心的意識狀態。作品〈心祭〉,由三幅相連的畫作組成。畫面中,分別描繪著三隻如同有著人類肢體的節肢動物。牠們身上看似開裂著傷口,或是長著類似眼睛、嘴巴的怪異器官;肢體末端延伸出像利刃的尖銳觸手,彷彿具有攻擊性,卻又彼此相連。上方垂掛的剪刀與刀子,暗示著內心潛意識的自我防衛機制。沈信佑以一種變異造型的生物,構成帶有宗教儀式性的情節畫面,試圖抒發身處現實世界深層壓抑的本能與慾望。 SHEN Shen-You’s The Offered Heart is composed of three connected works that illustrate athropods with humanoid limbs. Their bodies seemed to be covered with wounds and strange organs that appear to be eyes and mouths. Finally, scissors and knives hanging above the creatures represent self defense mechanisms in our subsconscious minds. SHEN Shen-You created themes that appear like religious ceremonies while combining them with bizarre organisms in an attempt to discover the suppressed and carefully hidden self-identities and desires as we go about our lives in the real world.