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迂迴之境3 The Circuitous Situation no.3

吳詠潔 Wu, Yung-Chieh

2015,複合媒材 Mix Media,87 x 66 x 6.5 cm 藝術家吳詠潔以創作傳達對自我的追尋過程,在看似色彩繽紛的美好表象中,訴說生命不同階段的心情境遇。作品〈迂迴之境3〉,在畫布內是一種營造,畫布外則是對於界限的某種試探,不規則的畫框形式提供更多的想像與衝突,如同抽象化的變形人形。右方一隻金魚躲在海浪中,僅露出尾巴,是藝術家自我的象徵,指涉的是埋首在某個狀態中的自我。畫面中充滿夢幻的元素,如雲朵、海浪、花朵,彷彿展現無盡的甜美,實則是吳詠潔以歡樂作為包裝,試圖訴說生命背後的苦澀。 WU Yung-Chieh conveys the process of self-discovery through creations and tells the moods at different stages of life in a seemingly colorful and beautiful appearance. In the work, The Circuitous Situation no.3, some sort of creation is inside the canvas and some type of temptation for the boundary is outside of the canvas. The irregular frame provides more imagination and conflicts, much like the abstractly deformed human figure. A goldfish on the right hides in the waves, revealing only its tail. It is a symbol of the artist herself, referring to the self that is buried in a certain state. The picture is full of dreamy elements, such as clouds, waves, and flowers, and seems to illustrate an endless sweetness. However, WU Yung-Chieh is in fact using happiness as a package to try to tell the bitterness behind life.