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人魚塵埃 The Dust of Mermans

歐靜雲 Ou, jing yun

2012,壓克力畫 Acrylic Painting,72.5 x 91 x 5 cm 藝術家歐靜雲的繪畫作品〈人魚塵埃〉,以繽紛、夢幻的色彩,包裝著糜爛與墮落的世界。畫面中的海水混融著如火焰般的奇幻色彩,四個長相極為相似,穿著時髦的年輕人,正在海水中進行不同的活動。有的人眼神空洞,吃著花瓣。有的懷抱著鏡子,低頭沈思。有的嘴裡含著寶石,在水中游泳。或是一手牽著動物,向前行走著。歐靜雲以形同夢境與非現實的敘事方式,將個人內在的意識與慾望再現,製造一個收納著墮落與慾望的人性烏托邦。 OU Jing-Yun’s The Dust of Mermans is a brilliantly colored and dream-like composition that depicts a world of luxury and corruption. The seawater in the composition is mixed with the fantastic, fire-like colors. Four similar-looking and fashionable youths are performing different activities in the sea. One wears an empty looking expression while chewing away at a flower. The other has his head bowed in contemplation while carrying a mirror. The third held a gemstone in his teeth while swimming. The last one is trudging onwards while dragging along his pet. OU Jing-Yun made use of dream-like and surreal narratives in order to create a human utopia that encompasses human dissipation and desires.