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望妳‧早歸 Expecting. Return Soon

陸先銘 Lu, Hsien Ming

2008,複合媒材 Mix Media,208.5 x 52 x 12 cm x 2P 藝術家陸先銘以都市景觀探討城市的發展,傳達現代化發展下的冷酷與疏離。作品〈望妳‧早歸〉,兩位神情漠然的老人,獨自站立在畫面中,一位手拿佛珠、一位手提廟宇祭祀的物品,他們被厚重的工業鋼架結構所隔離著。歷經風霜的老人與城市冰冷的建築形成對照,道出進步都市背後人心的孤獨,也隱喻城市發展所帶來的矛盾。陸先銘藉由材質、色彩、結構的運用,形塑出迷幻、寓言式的未來風格,交奏出進步時代下,宏偉卻也空寂疏離的情境。 LU Hsien-Ming uses urban landscapes to investigate development of cities and convey the detachment and isolation of modernization. Expecting‧Return Soon shows two old individuals wearing indifferent expressions, isolated from each other as they stand alone within their frames constructed using industrial steel. One of them holds prayer beads, while the other holds temple offerings. Senior citizens who have weathered the years are contrasted against the cold, unfeeling urban architecture, highlighting the isolation experienced by those living in high-tech urban environments as well as the contradictions arising from urban development. LU Hsien-Ming uses materials, colors, and structures to create a futuristic scene that highlights a mythical and fable-like atmosphere, and an epic yet alienated world of progress.