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花繡 | Hua-Shiou

陳玟君、郭家蓉、陳稚涵、陳品儒、洪子晴 Wen-Chun Chen, Chia-Jung Kuo, Chih-Han Chen, Pin-Ju Chen, Tzu-Ching Hung

「找回刺繡時手心的溫度,女性溫柔的力量」刺繡是一項流傳千年、如作畫一般細膩的技藝,在過去的歷史中更是家庭婦女不可或缺的一項技能,回顧過往的傳統家庭,婦女們無不拾起繡針,一針一線為家庭拈針織起衣裳,使身上的衣著不僅變得堅固亮麗,更留存了手繡的溫度。然而近代由於電繡的出現,傳統刺繡逐漸被機器所取代,這項技能也從家事轉變為傳統技藝。因此希望能夠藉由浮空投影的繡架裝置,更結合了傳統閨房的窗花設計,使互動過程有更多層次的體驗。讓觀眾能夠體驗穿針繡花的過程之外,更能發現刺繡有趣的地方。 “Retrieving the temperature in the palm while embroidering, female’s tender power.” Embroidery is a skill spreading through a thousand years as delicate as painting, which was an indispensable ability of housewives in history. Looking back at the traditional families in the past, women always knitted clothes needle by needle and thread by thread for their family members, which not only made clothes solider and prettier but also left the temperature of hand-embroidering. However, in modern times, the emergence of machine embroidery made traditional embroidery gradually be replaced by machines, and this ability also turned into traditional skill from housework. Therefore, via an embroidery hoop device projected in the air, combined with traditional room design of window paper-cuts, the audience is expected to experience more in the interactive process, not only experiencing the embroidering process with a needle but also discovering where embroidery is really interesting.