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虛擬天氣視覺系統 | Virtual Weather Visual System

吳侑勳 Yu-Hsun Wu

該作品『虛擬天氣視覺系統』透過虛擬實境,結合天氣資訊與資料視覺化的技法,運動電腦模擬畫面及虛擬實境,讓體驗者體驗位於在各地的城市天氣,並揭露體驗者與虛擬世界的互動過程,藉此對體驗者來說,在虛擬世界的圖像此時此刻所見的天氣就是那個城市的天氣狀況,讓他們相信眼前所見的現實說服體驗者們。 Via virtual reality, the creation “Virtual Weather Visual System" combines weather information and data visualization with computer simulated pictures and virtual reality, allowing the audience to experience the weather in local cities and disclose the interactive process between the audience and virtual world. To the audience, the weather seen at the moment in the virtual world is exactly the city’s weather condition. The reality seen before the eyes will well convince the audience.