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身體的延伸 | Extension of Body

柯柏羽 Po-Yu Ko

Extension of Body是一個結合跳舞,並且可以即時互動的作品。這個作品再探討如何將身體延伸,利用感測器,偵測舞者各項動作的數據,並將這些動作數據透過程式及時轉化為影像,再將影像投影到紗幕上,配合舞者的現場演出。並且因為紗幕的特性,觀者得以在看到影像的同時,看到舞者的表演,使其超越身體的維度,讓舞蹈與影像的融合度可以更高,藉此加強舞蹈表現的力道。雖然是以與舞蹈結合為出發點,但一般觀眾也可以利用移動或簡單的肢體動作(如張開雙手),輕鬆與投影內容互動。技術上利用realsence深度攝影機感測舞者的動作範圍與位置,和mpu6050陀螺儀讀取舞者的動作與旋轉,再將感測到的數值轉換為畫面。 Extension of Body is a creation that combines with dance and real-time interaction. With sensors, it detects dancers’ motion data while stretching their bodies, immediately transforms these data into images by programs, and then projects images onto veils, with dancers’ performance on the spot. Because of the characteristic of veils, the audience can watch dancers’ performance with the sight of images. It allows dancers to reach beyond where their bodies could, making the dance and images blend better and strengthening the power of the dance. Although it is on the basis of dance, the audience can still simply move their limbs (e.g. opening arms) to interact with the projected images. Technically, the depth and tracking camera RealSense is used to sense dancers’ motion ranges and positions, and the gyroscope MPU-6050 is used to retrieve dancers’ motions and spins. The sensed values will be transformed into images.