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尪 | GOD

游清心 Ching-Hsin Yu

尪在閩南話意指偶像、戲偶,也有神仙之意,發想來自陣頭的七爺八爺,此裝置為賽博龐克風格的七爺戲偶重製,試圖將對科技未來的想像融合台灣傳統廟會文化。如遊行的七爺一般此裝置手臂手掌皆可動卻不依靠電力,而是採用液壓系統驅動結構運作,使用者可配戴此裝置並在裝置體內進行操作。本作品採用複合媒材,技術方面使用雷射切割以及3D列印。 In Southern Min, Ang means idol, puppet or celestial, originating from the Seventh Lord and the Eighth Lord in the Parade Formation. This installation is a reproduction of the Seventh Lord puppet with cyberpunk style, trying to combine the picture of future technology with the traditional temple fair culture in Taiwan. As the Seventh Lord in the parade, all the arms and palms of this installation can move without electricity. A hydraulic system is used to operate the structures. Users can wear this installation and operate it inside. This creation is made by mixed media with technologies such as laser cutting and 3D printing.