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魚之呼吸 | The breath of the fish

楊淳琹、蘇湘婷、蘇育琪 Chun-Chin Yang, Hsiang-Ting Su, Yu-Chi Su

海洋是人類仰賴最豐富的資源之一,因此保護海洋資源,是我們重要的任務。隨著時代的進步,垃圾也隨之增加,漸漸的大量垃圾排放到海洋,使其逐漸被汙染。本作品表達出,於慢慢地被人類的垃圾侵蝕,演化成不同的物種,提醒人類要珍惜海洋資源,注重環境保育。媒材採用Arduino程式、可口可樂鋁罐及回收物。將鋁罐串成魚的造型,以回收物做支撐,使用程式驅動作品,希望能介媒材來表現主題,使大家關懷海洋。作品取名「魚之呼吸」,呼吸是生物維持生命的必要元素,水管讓可樂流經魚的身軀,象徵傳輸養分,即是呼吸。程式不斷循環,可樂持續寄附在魚身,也是代表不斷前進的時間帶著工業、科技等人類文明逐漸影響海洋環境。 Arduino software, Coca-Cola aluminum cans and recycled materials are used as the media. Aluminum cans are strung as fish, supported by recycled materials and driven by software, expecting to make people care about the ocean through the theme presented by the media. The creation is titled “Fish’s Breathing.” Breathing is an essential element for creatures to maintain their lives. Water pipes allow Coke to flow through fish’s body, which symbolizes nutrition transportation, i.e. breathing. This creation conveys that fish have gradually been corroded by man-made trash, evolving into different species, which is to remind humans to cherish ocean resources and pay attention to environmental protection.