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微觀世界 | The Micro World

何晉倫 Chin-Lun Ho

人類創造的那些繁華看似五彩繽紛,實則縹緲虛無,自認為是世界的主宰,而遺忘了世界的本質。「水」孕育一切生命,低調而神聖,人將其操控,將其佔有,彷彿掌控了一切,實際上為人所操控的僅僅是這個世界的一小部分,而在這一小部分的積累到達環境物理極限之後,還原的過程甚至比當初更加繁複,更加勞民傷財,甚至會造成對人及環境雙方的危害。透過 Processing 編成軟體接收鍵盤的 MIDI 訊號,再藉由 Firmata 通道傳送至 Arduino,接著在 Arduino 內編入程式控制電磁閥達到控制媒材進出的目的。 The prosperity humans created seems to be colorful but actually empty. Humans consider ourselves the dominant of the world and forget the nature of the world. “Water” nourishes every life, which is low-keyed and holy. But humans manipulate and occupy it as if we have controlled everything. Actually, what is manipulated by humans is merely a small part of this world. After this small part accumulates and reaches the physical limit of the environment, the recovery process will be more complicated than that in the beginning. It will waste money and manpower and even endanger both humans and the environment. In this creation, keyboard MIDI signals are received from Processing and then sent to Arduino via Firmata channels; programs are also coded in Arduino to control solenoid valves so as to control the media’s passing in and out.