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玩火的傑克 Jack Playing with Fairy Sticks

王亮尹 Wang, Liang-Yin

2017,壓克力畫 Acrylic Painting,148 x 111 x 6.8 cm 藝術家王亮尹經常以甜點作為主題,試圖投射並探討人的各種內在慾望。作品〈玩火的傑克〉繪製在生日宴會上,經常被拿來取悅觀眾的彈跳小丑玩具。名為傑克的小丑,臉上畫著搞笑的妝,穿著色彩鮮艷的服裝,隨著音樂的結束,將從盒子內彈跳起來,帶給眾人趣味的驚喜。畫面中濃稠、流動的色彩,則如甜點溶解時,過份黏膩的狀態。小丑玩具與甜點,皆替人們帶來感官上的片刻滿足,但人的慾望卻像是無底洞般,不停的擴張且難以被填滿。王亮尹以冷暖色並置、顏料的互融、侵蝕殘缺等視覺表現,回應人們追求感官刺激的虛無。 WANG Liang-Yin often uses dessert as the theme to try to project and explore people's various inner desires. The work Jack Playing with Fairy Sticks depicts a Jack-in-the-box toy that is often used at birthday parties. The Clown named Jack has funny makeup on his face, is dressed in a colorful costume, and bounces up from the box as the music ends to bring a pleasant surprise to everyone. The thick, flowing color of the picture is similar to the sticky state of the dessert when it is dissolving. Both the clown toy and desserts bring people a sense of satisfaction for the moment; but people's desires are like bottomless pits, constantly expanding and impossible to fill. WANG Liang-Yin responds to people's vain pursuit of sensory stimulation through visual presentation in juxtaposing cold and warm colors, and the blending and erosion of pigments.