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顯影 The Snapshadow

郭奕臣 Kuo, I-Chen

郭奕臣的〈顯影〉提出在我們生活中無所不在的監視,以及人類對影像的掌控與慾望,並引領觀者重新思索攝影的本質。他使用手機軟體Spy Cam,連結全球監視器的即時畫面,在地球另一端,透過影像的選擇、擷取與輸出完成作品攝影作品往往反映著拍攝者曾經在場的證明,每張照片中,按下擷取畫面的按鈕,如同按下快門,被攝影的物體真實存在,攝影者的位置卻是缺席的,不曾存在於照片中的時空,這樣的相片反而像是種不在場證明。 The Snapshadow created by Kuo I-Chen makes us rethink about it. We live in a world that we are under constant surveillance, therefore he mentioned human's control and desire for the images and led the viewers to rethink about the essence of photography. He used the mobile app “Spy Cam” to connect the real-time monitor images around the world. Through choosing, capturing and outputting the images in the other end of the world, the photograph itself often proved the existence of the photographer. It is like pressing the shutter of the camera while he screenshots the images, the subject exists but the photographer is not, and such photo is like a proof of absence on the contrary.