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城市失格-西門町 City Disqualified –Ximen District

袁廣鳴 Yuan, Goang-Ming

袁廣鳴的作品〈城市失格-西門町〉,乍看是一張單純的相片,卻是藝術家花費將近兩個月的時間,以西門町為定點,拍攝近三百多張的底片,將沒有人車的局部影像,運用科技技術的「剪下」、「貼上」,重新拼湊成一張看不出任何破綻的攝影作品。藝術家透過影像技術,將繁華喧囂的西門町,轉變成空無一人的劇場,彷彿預言了疫情隔離下的真實場景。 City Disqualified –Ximen District by Yuan Goang-Ming looks like a simple photograph at the first glance. However, it took the artist almost two months shooting nearly 300 films in Ximen District, and he combined all parts the images without cars and people using this imaging technology to create an impeccable photograph. With this image technology, the artist could turn the busy streets in Ximen District into a deserted world, and it seems to predict the real situation of the quarantine.