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不被理解的孤獨 Uncomprehended Loneliness

邱士博 Chiu, Shih-Bo

邱士博的作品〈不被理解的孤獨〉,則是以黑白攝影紀錄生活中遭受忽略的角落風景,呈現一種不被理解的孤立狀態。影像中拍攝了窗外建築、屋頂、十字路口、廠房、公園等城市場景,運用帶有暗角、倒影重疊的顯影方式,營造出落寞滄桑的視覺感受。看似微不足道的生活場域,經由影像突顯存在的事實,試圖觸動觀者,深入省視周遭的日常風景與內在感受。邱士博將個人情感投射在作品中,探索人與世界的相互關係,訴說著渴望外界認同,又保有自我特性的掙扎心理。 Uncomprehended Loneliness by Chiu Shih-Bo are several black and white photos, collecting those forgotten corners in everyday life. It presents images of uncomprehended loneliness. These photos focus on the urban sceneries such as buildings sighted from window, rooftops, crossroads, factories, parks. Chiu uses photography technique of vignetting and reflection overlapping to create desolate vibes. These photos represent the insignificant, but existing corners in the city and reach to the viewers, leaving them a new impression of the common daily sceneries. Chiu has projected his inner feelings on his works, who tries to discuss about the relationship between people and the world, the contradiction between obtaining external recognition and retaining one’s own personalities.