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安全範圍 Range Safety

劉智丰 Liu, Chih-feng

劉智丰的〈安全範圍〉則以詼諧的手法,將每幅作品的人物放在自成一格的場景中,自顧自的規律地律動著,有的同時展開雙臂,有的同時屈膝雙手平放其上,在看似有關聯的每個人物中,卻因與對方毫無互動而疏離。藝術家透過安全帽表述這樣的距離感,每個人彷彿戴著自己的安全帽保護著自己,卻也因這層保護,使我們對外界總是充耳不聞,自我疏離又樂在其中,這件作品很容易讓人聯想到面對病毒,我們戴上口罩,隔離病毒也保持適當的社交距離。 Range Safety by Liu Chih-feng puts all the characters of the works in an independent scene in a humorous way. Some characters move in their own ways, some open their arms, and the others bend their knees and rest their hands on them. Though all the characters seem connected, they are alienated from each other because of the lack of interactions between them. The artist expressed this sense of distance through a helmet. Everyone seems to be wearing their own helmets to protect themselves, and with this protection, we often enjoy ourselves in our own world rather than show interest to the outside world. This print makes us think of the situation when we face the virus, we wear masks to keep ourselves away from the virus and other people to keep a “safe distance” from the world.