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真空系列 Vacuum Series

杜建旻 Du, Jian-Min

因為瘟疫,未感染者因恐懼而生偏見,受感染者在不被理解及孤立下產生極度的孤獨。杜建旻的作品〈真空系列〉,彷若棉花白雲般的大片灰白色顏料,鋪出一片臆想世界的柔軟天地。畫面中一位身著白衣黑鞋的人物,就像脫離俗世喧鬧般,自在悠閒地漂浮在這片寧靜世界,隱喻其企圖遠離外在紛擾,返回純淨內心的想望。藝術家以現實人物為投射,營造出靈魂渴望的空間場域,表達在繪畫、生活、與生命之間,內外交錯的心弦感知,如同我們渴望疫情快點過去的心情。 Because of the fear of plague, those uninfected hold prejudice against those infected, making them extremely lonely, not being understood and feeling isolated at the same time. In Vacuum Series by Du Jian-Min, the broad smoky white paint looks like cotton and cloud and composes the tender space of the imaginative world. In the image, a man wearing white shirt and black shoes keeps floating freely and leisurely in the tranquil world as if he has got rid of the noise in the secular world. It is a metaphor of his desire to keep far away from the external turmoil and return to the pure internal mind. The artist applies the real man as a reflection to creating a space for spiritual desire and expressing the mental awareness of the internal and external intersection between painting, livelihood, and life, that is just like we all hope the epidemic come to an end soon.