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食物掛鉤 Skull Hook

木 wood 57 × 20 × 7 cm 國立自然科學博物館藏 National Museum of Natural Science Collection -- 劉其偉於1960年代赴中南半島後,探險及研究的足跡遍及東南亞、拉丁美洲、非洲及大洋洲,除藝術創作外亦從事藝術人類學研究。劉其偉過世前的最後兩段探險旅程為1993年赴巴布亞紐幾內亞,以及1998年赴索羅門群島研究該地部落藝術。劉其偉隨後連同其他共約240件當地文物皆捐予國立自然科學博物館,成為該館大洋洲文物收藏的基礎。其子劉寧森亦曾參與劉其偉之田野調查,於2000年再赴巴紐,此處展出之文物為劉寧森採集自Sepik河流域Kanganaman之文物。 After his first trip to Indochina in the 1960s, Liu Max C.W. undertook expeditions and research trips in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa and Oceania. Other than artistic creations, he was also dedicated to the anthropological study of art. Before his death, he went on two final expeditions, to Papua New Guinea in 1993 and to the Solomon Islands in 1998, to study tribal art there. After that, Liu donated a collection of 240 cultural artifacts from these places to the National Museum of Natural Science, constituting the foundation of the Oceanian collection of the museum. His son, Liu Ning Sen, also participated in field research with him, and returned to Papua New Guinea in 2000. The artifacts exhibited here were collected by Liu Ning Sen in the village of Kanganaman, in the Sepik River basin.