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中南半島(西貢) Indochina Peninsula, Saigon

劉其偉 臺灣 Liu Max C.W. Taiwan

鉛筆、水彩、紙 pencil and watercolor on paper 24.5 × 36 cm 1967 臺北市立美術館藏 Taipei Fine Arts Museum Collection -- 作品上之英文文字如下:「作為一個紀念,我將此畫獻與我的妻子,顧慧珍。當我在南越工作兩年,並前往泰國及香港進行繪畫之旅時,她待在家裡。劉其偉,1967年6月1日,西貢。」 The text, in English, on the work reads:“As a memory, I dedicate this painting to my wife, Amy Ku, who stayed home while I work in South Vietnam for two years. Took a painting trip over Thailand & Hong Kong. Chiwei Liu, June 1st, 1967, Saigon.”