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古木騰猿圖 Monkeys

陳文希 新加坡 Chen Wen Hsi Singapore

彩墨、紙 ink and color on paper 182 × 97.5 cm 國立歷史博物館藏 National Museum of History Collection -- 國立歷史博物館於1980年代初所收藏的三幅新加坡藝術家畫作,皆出自新加坡戰後最重要藝術家之手。其中鐘泗濱及陳文希之作品亦可見於今日50元面額新加坡幣之背面,可見星國對其之重視。 The three works by Singaporean artists that the National Museum of History collected in the early 1980s were made by postwar Singapore’s most well-known artists. Among them, the images of the works by Cheong Soo Pieng and Chen Wen His can be found on the back of Singapore’s current $50 banknotes, showing the importance that Singapore attaches to them.