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拾元宇宙 - Coin Universe


國立臺北教育大學 數位科技設計學系

歡迎來到"拾元宇宙"! 小小的"拾元"硬幣, 承載著我們過去的美好,以及對未來的想像, 利用最純粹的情感,開啟大大的宇宙。 無論男女老幼,大家在這裡都可以與許多數位媒體作互動,見識到"拾元宇宙"的魅力。 事不宜遲,快搭乘拾元電動搖搖車前往宇宙探索吧! Welcome to “Coin Universe”! By the coins, look back on our days in the DTD and look into the future we have been imagining. With original feelings, Let's create a great universe. For all genders and ages, everyone here will enjoy the digital design creations and experience the charm of "Coin Universe". Come on! Hop on the Coin Kiddie Ride. It's time to explore the universe!

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