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消逝的肖像-對倒I The vanishing Portraits

劉芸怡 Liu Yun-Yi (1981-)

你的房子不是你的房子? 房子之於生活的意義是什麼 ? 如何選擇理想的住所? 是空間影響心理 ,還是心理影響空間 ? 你的房子是你的房子嗎? 劉芸怡是旅居德國的台灣藝術家,她以系列攝影作品,紀錄了東德及台灣城市裡,因為時代變遷或戰爭因素,即將消逝或逐漸被人遺忘的建築影像。作品〈消逝的肖像-對倒I〉中,劉芸怡拍攝一個位於東德的舊式建物,建物本身破敗的窗戶、斑駁剝落的磁磚,以及蔓延出枯枝的外貌,顯現出其乏人問津的衰敗樣貌。而建物本身所保有原本精緻的裝飾浮雕,則暗示著它不凡的氣質與過往的身世。一抹斜陽映照在建物身上,替它披上一層淡淡的金色薄紗,加上飄浮在水面上的倒影,更加凸顯它過往曾經的風華。劉芸怡透過對建築體正面的直接拍攝方式,呈現如同紀念碑般的建築體,替觀者開啟了一道往返個人與歷史亙古的入口,如幽魂般召喚著逝去的記憶。 Your House Is Not Your House? What does a house mean to one’s life? How do you choose your ideal residence? Is our mind affected by the surrounding space, or is it the opposite way around? Is your house your house? LIU Yun-Yi is a Taiwanese artist living in Germany, and her Vanishing Portraits series depict a collection of buildings in East German and Taiwanese cities that have either disappeared or were left forgotten as a result of changes in time or war. The Vanishing Portraits I is a shot of an old building in East Germany. The broken windows, weathered tiling, and plant twigs growing out of the walls accentuate the building’s dilapidated and neglected appearance. However, the fine and intricate carvings point towards the building’s once glorious past and history. A ray of light from the setting sun basks the building in a pale golden veil. The reflection of the building upon the water surface adds to its faded glory. Frontal photographs of memorial-like buildings taken by LIU Yun-Yi serve to open a gateway to personal and historical eternity, magically resurrecting a fading memory.