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消逝的肖像 Krukenbergstreet 10a-14a, Halle, Germany The Vanishing Portraits, Krukenbergstreet 10a-14a, Halle, Germany

劉芸怡 Liu Yun-Yi (1981-)

你的房子不是你的房子? 房子之於生活的意義是什麼 ? 如何選擇理想的住所? 是空間影響心理 ,還是心理影響空間 ? 你的房子是你的房子嗎? 劉芸怡是旅居德國的台灣藝術家,攝影作品〈消逝的肖像〉系列,紀錄東德及台灣城市裡,因為時代變遷或戰爭因素,即將消逝或逐漸被人遺忘的建築影像。她先以不同的時間及透視點,大量局部拍攝同一建築物,再將數十至數百張影像重新拼貼。在本作品〈消逝的肖像, Krukenbergstreet 10a-14a, Halle, Germany〉中,房子的窗戶因為破碎而剩下漆黑的孔洞、門則是以磚頭強行封死,傾頹的外觀如同被抽去靈魂而留下的空殼。在橫幅的影像中,原本正在流逝的時間與空間似乎被濃縮、定格而停滯。透過在這些建築物來回穿梭,藝術家替我們開啟了一道往返個人與歷史恆流的入口,如同幽魂般召喚著我們逝去的記憶。 Your House Is Not Your House? What does a house mean to one’s life? How do you choose your ideal residence? Is our mind affected by the surrounding space, or is it the opposite way around? Is your house your house? LIU Yun-Yi is a Taiwanese artist who lives abroad in Germany. Her photography, “The Vanishing Portraits” series record the images of vanishing buildings or buildings that have been gradually forgotten by people in cities of East Germany or Taiwan due to changes in time or wars. She takes large number of photos on the same building through different time and scenes, followed by re-collage tens or hundreds of photos together. The work, “The Vanishing Portraits, Krukenbergstreet 10a-14a, Halle, Germany,” shows the empty house left with black holes due to the broken windows, doors with forced sealing by bricks, and the collapsed appearances without souls. The horizontal image shows a concentrated, frozen and stagnated time and space that were previously passed by. The artist opens the entrance to personal and historical stream through traveling between these buildings, as if recalling our passed memories.