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《體外心靈(深水)》Exomind (Deep Water)

45.皮耶.雨格 Pierre HUYGHE

實地星球 Planet Terrestrial 接近實地:蓋婭 Approaching the Terrestrial: Gaia 展出場地 Venue: 南進門旁側庭園 The garden by the South entrance of the museum 2017 混凝土塑像與蜂巢、蜂群,塑像72×60×79公分、蜂巢尺寸不定 Concrete cast with wax hive and bee colony, figure: 72×60×79 cm, beehive dimensions vary 展出版次:文心藝術基金會收藏 Exhibited version: Collection of Winsing Arts Foundation