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濱線運動放映影片 Selection of Shoreline Movements

44.艾利卡.博森+奎郭利.卡斯特拉 Erika Balsom+Grégory Castéra

濱線運動Shoreline Movements 「濱線運動」是一影片放映項目,其探討陸地和水交界之地,它既是物質環境,也是對於世俗生存之不確定和衝突的挑釁隱喻。關注濱線不斷變動的邊界和棲息其中的生物體,我們可以學習從生態學的角度思考,理解在繁多的行為者之間存在的動態關係,藉以質問他們之間原本假定的區隔狀態。這些動態關係時而和諧,但也可能充斥傾軋和暴力,濱線是看似相互對立的世界無止境地進行協商之所在。 “Shoreline Movements” is a film program that approaches the threshold between land and water as a material environment and as a provocative metaphor for the uncertainties and conflicts of worldly existence. By attending to the shifting frontier of the shoreline and the organisms that inhabit it, we can learn to think ecologically, which means understanding the fluid relations that exist between a vast array of agents, to the point that presumed separations between them are put into question. Sometimes these relations are harmonious, but they can equally be characterized by discord and violence; the shoreline is where seemingly irreconcilable worlds confront one another in negotiations without end.