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廖美文、謝艾霖、張志益、張雅婷 - Liao,Mei-Wen, Hsieh,Ai-Lin, Zhang,Zhi-Yi, Zhang,Ya-Ting

臺灣原住民族的傳統信仰是泛靈信仰,他們認為天地世間的萬物,都有神靈的存在。將原住民常見的圖騰紋樣,以幾何簡約的現代設計手法,轉化為塔羅牌的繪圖形式。依據原住民神話故事,選出最貼近塔羅牌意涵的22個神明,作為原民塔羅牌的角色,以神話故事的內容中各族群的傳統服飾、日常用品、狩獵工具、動物等轉化為符號語言,以幾何元素繪製作為塔羅牌的牌面設計。加入元素符號、色彩、星座,構成整體視覺。原住民的傳統建築祖靈屋的圖騰紋樣,轉化為包裝的繪圖形式。掀蓋式的包裝方式收納牌卡,內含原民塔羅牌的神話故事集、牌義解析、桌遊、神話桌遊布、桌遊貼紙,藉由桌遊以輕鬆的方式讓一般大眾能了解原住民文化,也認識塔羅牌。 - The traditional belief of Taiwan's aborigines is animistic belief, they believe that all things in the world have the existence of gods. The common totem patterns of the aborigines are transformed into the drawing form of tarot cards with geometric simplicity. According to aboriginal myths and stories, we select 22 gods that are closest to the meaning of the tarot cards. The totem pattern of the ancestral house is transformed into the drawing form of packaging with a collection of aboriginal tarot myths, card meaning analysis, board games, mythological board game cloth, board game stickers. The public can easily understand through Tarot cards. There are two version, fashion and classic, designed for different age groups with both local style and beauty.