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〈前奏〉 Ouverture

胡坤榮 Hu, Kun-Jung

2010,壓克力畫,140x130x4cm 胡坤榮的創作則是屬於幾何抽象繪畫的表現,追求純粹而直觀的視覺經驗,以幾何建構為基調,使得純粹的造型因為色彩的牽動,在二度空間的平面繪畫產生律動,創造無限的開放空間。作品〈前奏〉由許多三角形、四邊形、細長的矩形彼此相互銜接,畫面視線從中間高彩度的四邊形開始,隨著在這些色彩形體之間移動,產生了流動的感覺,在觀看的過程中,感受到某種節奏與音樂性,似如前奏逐漸帶你走入下一段樂曲。他的抽象幾何可以類比音樂家作曲的過程,兩者都是抽象構思的顯現。 Hu Kun-Jung’s art is more on the side of geometric abstract painting. Pursuing a pure and intuitive visual experience, It is built on geometric construction. The purely geometric shapes work in conjunction with colors to generate rhythms and infinite, open space. His Ouverture consists of many interconnected triangles, quadrilaterals, and narrow rectangles. The viewers’ eyes are guided to move from the quadrilaterals in highly-saturated colors in the center to other colors and shapes on the canvas, thus creating a sense of fluidity. As we watch, we feel a certain rhythm and musicality that, like an overture, eases people into the next music passage. His abstract geometry is comparable to the process of composing music: both are the manifestation of thinking about the abstract.