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觀察紀錄-19 Observation Record – 19

徐睿甫 Hsu, Jui-Fu

徐睿甫以腐爛的物體為創作主題,嘗試將肉眼所見的污穢,昇華為深沉且詩意的心靈景象。於〈觀察紀錄-19〉一作中,藝術家採近距離的微觀視角,以綿密細緻的筆觸,層層堆疊出物體腐爛敗壞的過程。因黴菌不斷侵蝕滋生而突起的腐爛體,與鮮嫩紅潤的表面形成強烈對比。透過這件作品,藝術家將物體被侵蝕的醜陋面,轉化為帶有詩意及繪畫性的抽象作品。 Hsu Jui-Fu prefers to use rotten objects as his creative topics to sublimate the visible rottenness to a profound, poetic spiritual vision. In Observation Record - 19, Hsu took a close-up look at the main subject and used paintbrushes densely and finely layering up the decayed process. The protruding caused by continuous erosion and the growth of mold, presented a strong contrast with the bright red surface of the object. In this painting, Hsu has transformed the ugly side of eroded rottenness to a poetic and abstract artwork.