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彈性空間 Flexible space


作品名稱:彈性空間 Flexible Space .桌 .凳 作品理念: 彈性受到壓力而形變,釋放壓力後即回到原本的樣子,象徵的是一種生活的循環。 集結各式彈性媒材,並以木質家具為設計基底,盼望我們的生活也能隨時保有彈性空間。 The flexibility deforms under pressure, and it returns to the original state after releasing the pressure.It symbolizes the life cycle. Assembling all kinds of flexible materials , the design used wooden furniture as the design base, and the design's core value is wish our life can keep flexible space all times . 指導老師:李允文 老師