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藺一個地方 Another Place


作品名稱:藺一個地方 Another Place 作品理念: 因大甲藺草文化面臨式微,以大甲藺草設計此風扇,造型參考媽祖遶境的意象,象徵著媽祖帶來保佑,讓參與遶境的人們能感受涼爽的風,同時享受藺草香氣,深刻體會大甲地方特色文化。 Due to the declining culture of Dajia bulrush, I use bulrush to make fans. The shape refers to the image of Dajia Matsu Pilgrimage, which symbolizes the blessing and protection brought by Mazu. When people join the Dajia Matsu Pilgrimage, they can use this fan to cool down. Then they enjoy the scent of bulrush and learn the local culture of Dajia. 指導老師:江怡瑩 老師