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新北投車站 Xinbeitou Historic Station


2021-03-31 ~ 2022-04-01


新北投車站 展覽區、展示車廂



新北投車站分為展覽區、展示車廂二區,定期換展,當期展覽資訊如下: 一、新北投車站 展覽區 新北投車站《驛。百年》,用多元感官體驗車站歷史文化,透過聲音展現北投各時期的氛圍,並設置多媒體資訊機,以新北投車站作為在地資訊節點,將北投各產業資訊彙整,分享給每一位來到車站的旅客。 The new exhibition at Xinbeitou Historic Station, Station: A Century, provides a multi-sensory experience that draws together the history and culture of the station, and makes use of sound to present the ambience of Beitou from different periods. In addition, multimedia information machines have been set up to establish the Xinbeitou Historic Station as a local hub that shares organized information on the industries of Beitou with every passenger that arrives at the Station. 二、新北投車站 展示車廂 「嘟嘟——頃搶頃搶——」坐捷運長大的孩子玩起火車遊戲,還是會將雙手彎曲在腰側,模擬車輪前進的樣子,一如鐵路淡水線雖然已被捷運路線取代,仍會以不同形式在我們記憶中繼續運行。 作為臺灣第一條鐵路支線,淡水線在80多年歲月裡,載運著無數認真生活、奮力打拼的人們,支持他們逐夢、成家,讓點點星火聚集成沿線的繁華。 1988年7月,淡水線駛出最後一班列車,載著觀音山在淡水河上的倒影,和關渡隧道中的轟隆回聲,駛向人與土地歷史中的下一段旅程。 It is a fact that children in today's generation are much more familiar with mass rapid transits than they are with trains. However, when playing train games and pretending to be trains, they all know to bend their arms, put their hands on their waists, and move in a "chugga, chugga, chugga, clickety-clack, clickety-clack, clickety-clack" fashion. Although the Tamsui Railway Line has been replaced by the Tamsui-Xinyi MRT Line, its trains remain a part of everybody's memory. As Taiwan's first railway line and one that operated for more than eight decades, the Tamsui Railway Line helped numerous hardworking pursue their dreams, get married, and settle down. The hard work of these people "lit up" the Tamsui Railway Line and brought it economic prosperity. In July 1988, the Tamsui Railway Line train serviced for one last time, allowing its last passengers to witness the reflections of Mount Guanyin in the Tamsui River and hear the rumbling sounds of the train speeding inside the Guandu Tunnel. A new chapter in human and transportation history soon ensued.

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新北投車站 Xinbeitou Historic Station


新北投車站 Xinbeitou Historic Station

日治時期為發展新北投地區溫泉觀光產業,興建新北投支線,於大正五年(1916)設置「新北投乘降場」後改稱為「新北投驛」, 新北投地名,由此而生。新北投車站為北淡線甚至是臺北市僅存的百年車站,其站體為木造結構,簷架下的雕花托座及昭和十二年(1937)因擴建站體產生的3+1組合老虎窗, 為車站建築一大特色。然民國七十七年(1988)因北淡線停駛而走入歷史並將站體拆遷至彰化台灣民俗村。 民國九十二年(2003)文化資產保存意識抬頭,臺北市政府與民間團體攜手爭取車站回家,幾經波折後,日榮資產股份有限公司有感於臺北市民對於車站返鄉的熱忱與期盼, 同意無償捐贈新北投車站予臺北市政府文化局。 車站重組位置於民國一百零五年(2016)以模擬站體試驗交通議題,最後定案於原址附近的七星公園內(即今所見),修復工程隨即展開,並於隔年四月重組完成再次對外開放。