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享.家 _ 照顧者與被照顧者,都是在這裡生活的家人 E HOUSE _ No matter who you are, we are all of family in here. 作者名稱 Author l 許庭霏 TING-FEI,HSU 指導教授 Advisor l 莊明哲 MING-ZHE,ZHUANG 基地位置 Site l 新北市中和區秀山國小 隨著人口快速老化,越來越多的長輩需要被照顧,長期照顧下的問題逐年上升,越來越多人開始關注長輩的問題,卻往往忽略一群默默照顧長輩的人,他們是照顧者。在長期照顧的過程中,每個照顧者,幾乎都會面臨到排山倒海的「照顧壓力」。 身為家庭照顧者的角色,責任與壓力也越重,是在什麼時候對於照顧只剩下責任而沒有愛,家人之間互動不再,時間消磨掉我們對彼此之間的愛與關心,有沒有這樣一個空間能找回照顧者與被照顧者之間的溫度? 於是以社區規模的日照中心作為此次設計之空間,在這個日照中心裡,長輩可以自由的選擇想做的事想跟國小的學生一同上課學習,照顧者可以跟長輩一起在更共享廚房用餐,也可以選擇讓自己喘息的個人空間。 “享家”是希望可以享受在這個像家一樣的有溫度空間裡,並找回家人之間的互動與關心。未來的我們都會成為照顧者或是被照顧的人,在那時侯希望有一個地方可以容下所有的好與壞。 With the rapid aging of the population, more and more elders need to be taken care of, and the problems under long-term care are increasing year by year. More and more people begin to pay attention to the problems of elders, but ignore a group of people who silently take care of their elders. They are caregivers. In the process of long-term care, almost every caregiver will face overwhelming "care pressure". As a family caregiver, the responsibilities and pressures become heavier. When is there only responsibility for caring but no love, family interactions no longer, time is spent on our love and care for each other. Is there a space to find the temperature between the caregiver and the person being taken care of? Therefore, the Day Care Center is used as the space for this design. In this space, the elders can freely choose what they want to do or choose to study with elementary school students, and the caregivers can eat in the shared kitchen with the elders. You can also choose a personal space for yourself to breathe. "E house" hopes to be able to enjoy the interaction and care between people who come home in this warm space like home. In the future, we will all be carers or people being cared for. At that time, we hope that there will be a place that can accommodate all the good and the bad.