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戰爭與和平-6E War and Peace - 6E

謝里法 臺灣 Shaih Lifa Taiwan

鋅版 zinc plate print 42 × 35 cm 1969 臺北市立美術館藏 Taipei Fine Arts Museum Collection -- 謝里法於1964年起旅居巴黎,後於1968年續前往紐約習畫。他是臺灣少數經歷過歐洲68學運及美國反越戰運動的藝術家,其創作於1969年的「戰爭與和平」系列為臺灣白色恐怖時期少見、反映該學潮氛圍的作品。 Shaih Lifa lived in Paris in 1964, then moved to New York in 1968 to study painting. He was one of the few Taiwanese artists to have experienced the May 1968 student uprising in Europe and the Anti-Vietnam War movement in the US. The War and Peace series he created in 1969 is a series of works that reflects the atmosphere of the student uprising, a rare example during the White Terror period in Taiwan.