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泰國水鄉 Water Village in Thailand

郭雪湖 臺灣 Kuo Hsueh Hu Taiwan

鉛筆、紙 pencil on paper 36.3 × 25.8 cm 1955 郭雪湖家族收藏 Kuo Hsueh Hu Family Collection -- 1953年,郭雪湖與楊三郎、李石樵等人赴馬尼拉參加菲律賓國際博覽會「中華民國館」之展出;1955年,郭雪湖與楊三郎前往曼谷中華民國大使館舉辦展覽。由於郭雪湖頻繁地因公出國,因而無法及時回應「正統國畫之爭」。 In 1953, with Yang San Lang, Lee Shi Chiao and other artists, Kuo Hsueh Hu traveled to Manila to participate in the “Republic of China Pavilion” exhibition at the Philippines International Fair. In 1955, Kuo Hsueh Hu and Yang San Lang went to Bangkok and held an exhibition at the ROC Embassy. Because of his frequent traveling abroad for official business purposes, Kuo Hsueh Hu was not able to respond to the “debate over the orthodox national (Chinese) painting” in time.