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《覓覓 SEEK》高雄師範大學工業設計學系 112 級畢業展 - 《SEEK》National Kaohsiung Normal University, Industrial Design Department, 112th Graduation Exhibition


國立高雄師範大學 工業設計學系

經過四年在學校的設計訓練,國立高雄師範大學工業設計學系112級的學生將所學運用在作品上,從發想、設計策略、調整、草圖發展至模型製作,希望將自身對於設計的理念完整且精緻的呈現在大眾面前。 展出作品囊括食衣住行育樂,包括各式各樣的玩具、教具、輔具、載具等,充分展現出年輕設計師們對未來世界的想像、對社會人文的關懷、對環境保育的重視,以及嘗試解決問題的企圖心。 After four years of design training in school, the students of the 112th class of the Department of Industrial Design at National Kaohsiung Normal University have applied what they have learned to their works. From conceptualization, design strategy, adjustments, sketch development to model making, they hope to present their complete and refined design concepts to the public. The exhibited works include various toys, teaching aids, assistive devices, and vehicles related to food, clothing, housing, transportation, and entertainment. These works fully demonstrate the young designers' imagination of the future world, their concern for social humanities, their emphasis on environmental conservation, and their attempt to solve problems.

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