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嶺東科技大學 視覺傳達設計系

我們,出生於千禧年,身處於世代更迭的交會點,接收大量資訊帶來的更多可能性,面對如此繁雜的資訊,從吸收訊息的過程中尋找創意、反覆嘗試,並內化成自己的意識,在資訊爆炸的世代裡定位自我。 畢業展覽主題「建立對話框」中,聚焦對話存在於世代裡的各種可能性,透過不同話題的流動,個體群體間的交疊,建構整個世代的樣貌,從中接收訊息轉化為自我意識,在資訊爆炸的世代中找尋自我定位。或許,在急著接收訊號前,先嘗試停下腳步,想像與自己開啟一場對話旅程,不被資訊大浪沖走腳印,找回自己的步調。 We are born in the millennials (Generation Y). As the intersection point of the alternation of generations, receiving massive information brings more possibilities. In the face of dealing with complicated information, we could find creativity in the process of searching. After taking trial and error, we would be able to internalize the knowledge, in addition to reinforcing the position within the generation of information explosion. In the exhibition theme "Flow of Dialogue" various possibilities of dialogs that exist in the generation are concentrated. The appearance of the entire era is built through the flight of different topics along with the overlapping of individuals and groups. By transforming the received information into self-consciousness, we can position ourselves in the age of big data.Perhaps we do not know what we want, or perhaps we should try to pause the step before receiving signals impatiently. Imagine you have started a journey of self-talk. And find your own pace, do not let the rough sea of information washes away your footprints.

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