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女性天生比男性多一筆開銷,一生必須花上10萬元在生理用品的購買上,生理用品甚至有課稅,而 許多人對此毫無所知。我們設計了一套清楚說明月經衍生的問題以及現有月經稅制度的刊物,同時藉 由網路推廣議題。刊物分為三本,內容議題分別是月經課稅、月經羞愧及月經貧窮,讓讀者透過全球 的案例、各國文化和世界月經稅現況了解月經。另外也設計了捲筒式衛生棉概念裝置,於數個地點進 行展示,提倡「衛生棉與衛生紙一樣,同屬於日常生活用品」的觀念,以宣傳女性生理用品減免稅。 Women are born with more expenses than men. They have to spend about 100,000 NT dollars on the purchases of menstrual products in their lifetime. Menstrual products are even taxed, and many people don't know this. We have designed a set of publications that clearly explain the problems arising from menstruation and the current menstrual tax system, and promote the issues through the Internet. The publication is divided into three books. The content topics are menstrual taxation, menstrual shame and menstrual poverty, allowing readers to understand menstruation through global cases, cultures of various countries and the current status of menstrual taxes in the world. In addition, a roll-type sanitary napkin concept device was designed and displayed in several locations, advocating the concept of "Sanitary napkins are just like toilet paper, belong to daily necessities" to promote the tax reduction and exemption of female sanitary napkins