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赤城的紫蝙-突傷篇 "Purple Bat of Akagi-Sudden Injury"


赤城的紫蝙-突傷篇,是款冒險解謎遊戲,內容描述女主角與家人因為立場不同而產生衝突的故事,開篇玩家會以女主角的觀點看待周遭的事物,在她的認知裡所有的人都只會聽父親的命令傷害自己的朋友,所以所有人都是敵人,然而女主角接觸的真相越多,越是能理解哥哥姐姐的感受,比如:「要不是你們都還小,我必須站出來保護你們,誰願意讓自己的雙手沾上鮮血呀?」,「雖然我身上有缺陷,因此很常被瑪蓮卡欺負,不過我也不會走在他們的對立面」,等...,女主的行徑也不再具攻擊性,哥哥姐姐必須彌補自己曾犯下的過錯,這是我最想要的結局 Akagi’s Purple Bat-Sudden Injury is an adventure puzzle game. The content describes the story of conflict between the heroine and her family due to different positions. At the beginning, the player will look at the things around her from the heroine’s point of view, which is all in her cognition. People in's only listen to their father's orders to hurt their friends, so everyone is an enemy. However, the more the truth that the heroine comes into contact with, the better she can understand the feelings of her brothers and sisters, such as: "If you weren't all young, I I must stand up to protect you. Who wants to put blood on my hands?", "Although I have defects in my body, I am often bullied by Malinka, but I will not going against them", etc. . . , The heroine’s behavior is no longer aggressive, brothers and sisters must make up for the mistakes they have committed, this is the ending I want most 公主莉雅,為了保護朋友選擇甚麼都不說,本以為哥哥姐姐會因此放棄,沒想到,迫於舆論壓力羅貝爾和瑪蓮卡加派人馬重啟調查行動,為了不讓莉雅從中干涉,索性將她關在王宮內並設下陷阱﹐為了伊安她該如何才能逃離城堡? "Purple Bat of Akagi-Sudden Injury" is an adventure puzzle game, Princess Liya. In order to protect my friends, I chose not to say anything. I thought my brothers and sisters would giving up, unexpectedly, due to the pressure of public opinion, Robert and Malian Kajia sent troopsThe investigation was restarted, and in order to prevent Liya from interfering, she simply locked her inA trap was set up in the palace. How can she escape the castle for Ian? 《赤城的紫蝙-世界觀》 在一個被黑暗壟罩的地方,有個孤獨的龍形城堡,外表呈現赤紅色,孤傲的聳立在山頂上,天界稱之為 - 赤城   城堡的主人阿克曼,十幾年前曾是天界四大天子之一,因犯錯被流放至提爾納諾,雖然受了重傷卻沒死。不過,這對他而言並不是甚麼好事。   其四分五裂的軀體帶來的疼痛以及失敗帶來的屈辱感和疼痛感令阿克曼生不如死,詛咒在此徹底釋放,扭曲了提爾納諾,提爾納諾一夜間成了死亡之地。   為了向天界復仇,他與他的五個孩子﹐羅貝爾、迪耶埃、瑪蓮卡、勒萊耶、以及莉雅,上至村莊下至貧民窟無論用何種手段,以戰力最強的瑪蓮卡為首,組織強大的兵力,名為獵殺部隊。 In a place covered by darkness, there is a lonely dragon-shaped castle, The appearance is crimson, standing proudly on the top of the mountain, which is called by the heavens - Akagi   Ackerman, the owner of the castle, was one of the four greatest heavenly sons more than ten years ago , Was exiled to Tirnano for making a mistake, although he was seriously injured but did not die. However, this is not a good thing for him.   the pain caused by his torn body and the humiliation caused by failure And the pain makes Ackerman worse than life, and the curse is completely released here, Distorted Tirnano, Tirnano became a place of death overnight.   In order to avenge the heavens, he and his five children, Robert, Diye, alinka, Leraje, and Lia, from the village down to the slums, no matter what methods are used, Headed by Malinka, the most powerful force, organized a powerful force called the Hunting Force.