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超放電 Fun Damn!


“FunDamn!” 主視覺運用漸變符碼傳達電流互竄的意象及複合媒材螢光油墨與燙銀,使視覺豐富展現放電光束!細看視覺元素將可發現畫面中央暗藏了愛的放電圖形,希望在不那麼安定的後疫情時代,釋放愛的正能,共同面對每一刻困境。 The main visual of "FunDamn!" uses gradient symbols to convey the image of chaotic electric currents and the mixed media of fluorescent ink and hot silver to enrich the visual display of "Fun Damn!" beams! A closer look at the visual elements reveals a hidden love "Fun Damn!" graphic in the center of the screen, hoping to unleash the positive energy of love in the less stable post-epidemic era and face every moment of adversity together.