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《屠學錶》Liquidation Maps

38.陳瀅如 CHEN Yin-Ju

另類重力星球 Planet with Alternative Gravity 2014 五張鉛炭素描(每幅125×126 公分)、MBM素描紙、無酸裱褙、事件占星解讀與其它相關文件、HD影片循環播放(影像來源:NASA)尺寸視空間而定 5 charcoal and pencil drawings on paper (each 125×126 cm), printed documents, study notes, HD videos in a loop (source: NASA) dimensions variable 事件占星解讀:貝貝 Astrologist: Amber Tang 簡秀枝收藏 Collection of Katy Hsiu Chih Chien