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《亞秒級群集──當沒有一人留下僅你孤傲地獨自飛翔》Subsecond Flocks—When There Is No One Left and You Fly on in Proud Solitude

8.范柯.荷瑞古拉芬 Femke HERREGRAVEN

全球化星球 Planet Globalization 2016 壓克力媒材、手雕鋁、羽毛、沙、手刻合金,60×150×17公分 Acrylic frame, hand engraved aluminum, acrylic stack, acrylic tubes, feathers, desert sand, hand engraved steel rod, rubber cord, 60×150×17 cm 藝術家、柏林Future畫廊提供 Courtesy of the Artist and Future Gallery, Berlin