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朝陽科技大學 工業設計系

朝陽科技大學25th工業設計系,展覽主題希望大家可以進行重新思考,除了退火可以使人們咔爽快以外,還能透過設計來達到咔爽快的概念,不僅可以讓人們咔爽快,也能使生活、使大自然咔爽快。 我們將設計作品分成五大類,對應人們的五臟以及大自然的五行來聯想。想告訴大家人們與生活與大自然是息息相關的。 環保在現今社會一直是持續關注的議題,因此我們藉由五臟、五行的元素及中藥退火的概念來傳達設計的目的及意義。 設計目標 ・對應人們的五臟以及大自然的五行來聯想,告訴大家「人們與生活與大自然是息息相關,環環相扣的。」 ・透過過五行將設計作品分成五大類「環保、技術、科技、工藝、教具。」 ・延伸出一系列與退火相關的周邊商品,來讓大家重新思考設計以及如何同時保持著對地球環境的友善。 The 25th Chaoyang Technology University Department of Industrial Design. The theme of the exhibition hopes that you can rethink. In addition to TUEI HUO(The concept of traditoinal Chinese medicine that can reduce intetnal heat in the body.). You can also "refresh" through design, which can not only make people refreshing, but also make life and nature refreshing. We divide the design works into five categories, corresponding to people's five internal organs and the five elements of nature. We want to tell you that people's life and nature are closely related. Environmental protection has always been a topic of continuous concern in today's society. Therefore, we convey the purpose and significance of design through people's five internal organs and the five elements of nature and the concept of TUEI HUO . Design Goal ・ Associate with people's five internal organs and the five elements of nature, and tell you that "people's life and nature are closely related." ・ Through five elements, the design works are divided into five categories: "environmental protection, technology, transportation, craft and teaching aid" ・ Extend a series of branded products related to TUEI HUO to make everyone rethink the design and how to maintain the friendliness to the earth's environment at the same time.

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