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熱感 - SENSE


中原大學 室內設計學系

室內設計學系第34屆畢業展-熱感SENSE。 畢業設計,含括我們四年來於本系所學習到的知識,以及四年來對於設計的漸漸摸索與成長。此次畢業成果發表以熱感為主題,將設計人的心路歷程及故事作為主軸,我們像是抱著九十八度的熱情勇往直前到大四,而僅剩兩度即將沸騰,這兩度代表了「我們」和「老師」,透過這次的畢業作品,共同將設計的熱情達到沸點。熱情臨界在沸點之間,愈熱,嘗試千百種設計的可能性。愈冷,回頭反思迷惘之處。水份子驟變在臨界點上,我們仍保持熱情尋找到達沸點之路。也會產生多變的不同狀態。 The 34th Graduation Exhibition of the Department of Interior Design-SENSE. Graduation exhibition, includes all the knowledge we obtain over these past 4 years, as well as all the growth and gradual exploration of design. The graduation project results are published with the theme of SENSE, taking the designer’s mental journey and story as the main axis. Going forward to senior year we seem to have 98 degrees of SENSE (enthusiasm) and now we only have about 2 degrees left to boil. These two degrees represent “us” and “teachers.” Through this graduation project our SENSE (enthusiasm) for design has reached a boiling point. SENSE is between the two boiling points, the hotter it gets, the more possibilities there are to try out thousands of designs. The colder it gets, the more time one has to look back and reflect on one’s confusions along the way. Just like the water molecules are suddenly at a tipping point, we remain enthusiastic about finding out way to reach the boiling point. At the same time, it will also produce a variety of different states.

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