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作品名稱:BIOSIGNAL-APERCEVOIR 作品尺寸: 200cm x 150cm x 100cm 作品媒材:植栽、金屬、電算器、電子零件、骨傳導耳機 副標:見證訊號的幽靈 副標(長):生命在竊竊私語,你是否願意成為新生態系中見證一切的幽靈? 展品介紹:   〈Apercevoir〉是一個動態的混合生物裝置系統,具備感知周遭動態並且轉換為位置訊息的能力,但是沒有任何紅外線相機或傳感器參與動態測定--動態資訊由藝術品中的賽博格生物所收集。每個賽博格單位都由含羞草與機器零件組成,藉由含羞草對於外界刺激觸發體內離子濃度改變的特性,植物體將這樣的電位差異傳達到連結的機器中,成為一段可以被分析的訊號;這意味的是,生命訊息得以突破個體的限制,串聯成物聯網,進行更大範圍的感知、反饋與群體決策。   觀者能夠獲得一項特別的天分:成為新生態系統的一份子。經由穿戴骨傳導耳機,體驗者將聽到賽博格生物體所感測到人類存在與活動的「震動」,甚至當人類有打擾或傷害的行為時,賽博格體互相傳達的「警告」。這樣的音場切合於感測網所建構出來地圖上,穿戴體驗者得以閉眼聆聽,藉由聽覺理解自己與其他個體的相對位置,當他張開眼睛,他仍是作為人類去行動。以這樣雙重身分的存在,旁觀著場域中主體與客體之間如何互動。 Title: BIOSIGNAL-APERCEVOIR Dimensions: 200cm x 150cm x 100cm Media: plant, metal, computer program, electronic devices, bone conduction headphones Subtitle: The Ghost Bearing Witness to Signals Subtitle (full): Life is whispering, are you willing to be the ghost bearing witness to everything in the new ecosystem? Introduction: Apercevoir is a dynamic, hybridized bio-installation system. It is able to perceive its ambient conditions and convert them into directional information without the assistance from infrared cameras or sensors, instead data is collected by the installation’s cyborg organism. Each cyborg is comprised of the mimosa pudica (sensitive plant) and electronic components. The internal ion concentration of mimosa pudica varies with external stimulation, and the plant will transmit the potential variation to a connected machine, which is able to analyze the signals. The community of mimosa pudica cyborgs portrays the concept of multiple beings transcending the physical confines of an individual to form a network capable of perception, feedback and group decision-making within a wider scope. A particular feature of the installation is the interactive bone induction headphones, where the audience can listen to the sound field including ‘vibrations’ of nearby human activities detected by the mimosa pudica cyborgs, and even warnings among the cyborg network responding to foreign disturbance and damage. This sound field invites audiences to close their eyes and listen attentively, through the signals and changes in sound, the presence of other entities in the space is revealed.