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Roboy's Story X 動物氣球世界




2022-10-31 ~ 2023-01-31



Exhibition Theme My Roboy story illustration tell the story of how a vintage robot always wanted to be human. It was something he can never be. He can only dream to be one. In his dreams, he dreamt to be someone who has all the emotions of an human being, where love, life, happiness and sadness and even the human taste can become real . He was happy still just by dreaming of it . Perhaps this is the other side of me, when sometimes grown ups has been through all the things in life but somehow missed out the most basic ones. Robot is a way to show how I am still passionate about life but somehow still drowning in them. I still appreciate the experience of not owning a robot toy, if I had one maybe I wouldn’t be inspired by the meaning behind it. Balloon animals series is a new collection that utilize objects that resemble real life, I develop Balloon animal series because I find them having the same fate as Roboy. They are like animals but again not real. Humans like to create to objects that resemble life but at the same time they are not alive at all. This made me feel like sometimes humans are artificial too because we have bonded so much with the things that has been created for us.

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Wendy Y. 於 80’s 出生於馬來西亞首都吉隆坡,在這富有多元文化的國家中成長,從小因為父親對於生活的樂活態度,也影響 Wendy Y. 從小培養對於萬物產生好奇,養成敏銳且得天獨厚視覺藝術嗅覺外,對於生活上的喜怒哀樂與接觸的感知,都將化為每段時期不同的創作靈感,如同偉大藝術家 Andy Warhol 曾經說過: Andy Warhol's quote “You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” Wendy Y. 認為每個人都該充滿想像力,將這無限想像化作藝術呈現作品中,他的風格多半是童趣、黑色幽默、正面樂觀意象, 且主題多元反映當下內心的訴說。 Wendy Y. 至今從未對藝術熱情有所消減,嚮往英式當代藝術在英國頂尖諾丁漢完成藝術大學文憑,在旅居留英期間參與過多次倫敦當代藝術展覽,當時擁有當地藝術媒體專訪;對於台灣民主自由社會有些好奇,及對中文語言產生興趣, 在結束旅居英國生活後,前往台灣交通大學完成藝術應用研究所文憑,並且對於這片土地產生歸屬情感。 Wendy Y. 除了有不同國家城市留學及旅居經驗外,更在商業產業與學術界有許多年豐富經歷,因為待過業界所以明白藝術與商業價值的平衡取捨是甚麼,因為身為藝術創作者,感同身受為了藝術而生的熱忱心境,因為身為教育家及擁有國際求學背景,更清晰如何將擁有藝術實力的學子,推向適合嚮往的藝術 / 設計大學, 目前任教於台灣竹北亞太國際美國學校,已成功推向 18 個學生進入美國 / 英國 / 澳洲等國家設計 / 藝術大學錄取就讀, 擅長:發覺學生不同藝術潛能與特質,作品集設計提案規劃及實力展現,熟悉各國際設計 / 藝術大學入學學制與體系。 About the Artist Wendiwhy is from Malaysia however she had stayed more than a decade in Taiwan. Graduated from UK ( Nottingham Trent University )and Taiwan (National Chiao Tung University) in Graphic Design and Applied Arts, she has developed career foundation working as graphic designer for many years. For the past 8 years Wendiwhy has moved towards education field, teaching kids and adults of all age about art and design. During her free time she still practice being an artist doing what she love the most, illustrating. She believed through illustration she can see the world more clearly. In her earlier works, she loves to doodle crazy faces, the faces that stuck in her mind from everyday walks of life. In her recent work, She often draws robotic figures that resembles the act of an human. She believes when object contradicts, that’s where the sparks begin.