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〈彼處7〉 The Other Side 7

吳文成 Wu, Wen-Cheng

2013,壓克力畫,137 x 137 x 4.9 cm 吳文成的作品〈彼處7〉則運用大量的自動性技法,以看似隨興揮灑的色彩布局,呈現生命內在感知的能量,畫面中數個看似什麼又不是什麼的動物形象象徵生物的生命力,四處竄流的黑色線條,如同生命探索的力量和路徑。生命是一連串無止盡的動態過程,充滿未知,吳文成認為拋開所有外在的束縛及固著的已知經驗,感知活動就會被喚醒,自我就會展開盎然生長的路徑,恣意移動重組,重新增生。 In The Other Side 7, Wu Wen-Cheng employs a lot of automatic techniques to create a seemingly spontaneous array of colors that celebrate life’s inner power to sense. The animal-like figures that could be anything or nothing are symbols of the vitality of creatures, and the black rushing lines all over the place are like the paths for and the power of exploration in life. Life is a dynamic, endless series of processes full of the unknown. Wu believes that as we break away from all external constraints and fixating experiences of the known, our senses will be activated, and the self will set out on the path of growing and flourishing, a path where one moves, reorganizes, regenerates, and multiplicates at will.