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〈橘與粉紅〉 Orange + Pink

許芸姍 Hsu, Yun-Shan

2013,壓克力畫,100 x 200 x 2.4 cm 許芸姍深受美國近代藝術家羅伯特·瑞曼(Robert Ryman)的影響,羅伯特·瑞曼曾經想當一位爵士樂薩克斯風手,後來學習音樂的經驗反而啟發他繪畫上的潛能。他認為繪畫跟音樂一樣,關注動覺和多感官的細節。他最著名的一句話就是「從來沒有要畫什麼的問題,只有如何畫的問題」。許芸姍與羅伯特·瑞曼一樣,重視光線、空間和材質肌理,作品〈橘與粉紅〉透過手部的反覆動作和重複的繪畫元素,運用粉色和橘色,以不同間隔或方向排列,呈現色彩的律動。許芸姍體驗一筆接著一筆的過程,感受走筆過程中,顏料從有到無,以及被覆蓋的顏色從無到有的變化,留下痕跡。如同禪修,回歸到心靈單純平靜的自由。 Hsu Yun-Shan is deeply influenced by Robert Ryman, a modern US artist who wanted to be a jazz saxophonist and whose music study ignited his creative energy for painting. Ryman believed that like music, painting should focus on motions and multisensory details. This focus can be illustrated by his most famous quote: “There is never any question of what to paint only how to paint.” Like the US artist, Hsu also attaches importance to light, space, and texture. Repetitive hand movements produced recurring elements in her painting Orange + Pink, where rhythms are created as the two colors are applied at various intervals or toward different directions. One brush stroke after another, Hsu experienced that, as she wielded her brush, paint gradually disappeared and layers of colors began to appear, leaving traces on the canvas. During this zen-practice-like process, she returned to a liberating spiritual simplicity and quietude.