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〈律動之眼〉 Eye of Rhythm

張瓊方 Chang, Chiung-Fang

2016,複合媒材,162x130x3cm 張瓊方的作品〈律動之眼〉表現了孕育生命的溫暖期待。因為孕期的身體不適無法長時間創作,因此在創作上出現了不同以往層層疊疊的色彩和線條,取而代之是律動的線條和單純且明亮的色彩搭配。身體中孕育著小生命,體內的胎動訊號或是肚皮出現的跳動,使她專注於自己身體的反應,一陣一陣靜靜的、溫暖的期待,進而影響在創作上的線條表現,生命在身體裡面的變化,時而緩慢時而快速。張瓊方在這件作品中不同於以往關注外在環境的刺激,轉而專心於自己與新生命的連結。吳文成和張瓊方的抽象創作類似熱抽象,擅用色彩和線條節奏使畫面如音樂的聲音,將深沉的內在情緒表現出來。 Chang Chiung-Fang’s Eye of Rhythm is a warm celebration of expecting a new life. Discomfort during pregnancy stopped the artist from working long hours. As a result, her usual layers of colors and lines were replaced by combinations of rhythmic lines and simple, bight colors. She was made mindful of her bodily responses to the life inside her, to the signs of fetal movement and the pulses in her belly. The quiet and warm expectation exerted influence on the lines in her art, which were at times slow, at times fast, reflecting the changes of the life inside her body. In this particular piece, Chang has turned her attention from external stimulations to the inner connection between her and the new life.