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〈雀躍〉 Over the Moon 60-2

張子晴 Chang, Tzu-Ching

2019,壓克力畫,122x102cmx5cm 張子晴的創作,色彩是直觀情感與生活的紀錄寫照。她以作蛋糕擠奶油的方式作畫,先將壓克力顏料裝入顏料袋中,利用手的力道控制顏料在畫布上的分布,並運用半自動的刮擦技法進行顏料的推動與擠壓。畫布中的大量顏料在控制性與不可控制性之中遊走,透過身體與動態行為作畫。厚重的顏料中,產生平面與立體之間的空間感,流動的繽紛色彩堆疊營造出視覺律動的肌理線條。作品〈雀躍〉的色彩基底以白色、藍色、綠色以及黃棕色為主,呈現溫暖與幸福感。為人母的張子晴,覺得孩子每天早晨起床的對話表情就如同陽光綻放在清晨的大地一般,赤誠的期待,並帶著一點激動,彷彿樹上跳著的小鳥,雀躍歡喜。如此溫暖的氣息滲入她的心靈,將當時感受到的生命力,注入創作中。作品由中心逐漸往外擴張,有如花朵的綻放,帶給觀者希望的想望。 In Chang Tzu-Ching art, colors are an honest record of her feelings and life. She paints as if she were piping whipped cream onto a cake, controlling the distribution of paint on the canvas by adjusting the force her hands applies to the piping bag filled with acrylic paint. Then she uses the semi-automatic technique of scraping to push and pull the paint. As painting becomes a bodily activity of motions, the large amount of paint on the canvas is at times controllable and at times uncontrollable. The heavy buildups of paint give a sense of space that lies somewhere between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional, while layers of flowing, lively colors create textures and lines full of visual rhythms. A sense of warmth and happiness shines through in Chang’s Over the Moon 60-2, which is dominated by colors such as white, blue, green, and yellow ochre. As a mother, the artist finds that the expressions on the face of her child, when waking up in the morning every day, are like sunlight blossoming on the earth. There’s genuine anticipation with a touch of excitement, as joyous as birds hopping amongst trees. Deeply touched by the warmth, she brought the vitality she felt to the painting. The art piece radiates from the center like a blooming flower, giving hope to its viewers.