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〈共生〉 Symbiosis

顏子淞 Yen, Tzu-Sung

2013,攝影,50.5x40.5x2.6cm 顏子淞受到攝影家布雷松的影響甚鉅,透過獨特的觀察力,藉由解構物件、空間或建築,將現實的影像轉化成特殊的影像符碼,探索現實與抽象的模糊地帶,創造富有想像空間的影像。作品〈共生〉中,利用黑白攝影,拍攝一座有著幾何造型與整齊線條的階梯。原本就具有視覺造型感的五邊形階梯,由不同方向的木板組構而成。透過鏡頭捕捉的景深與光影所產生的效果,變成黑白對比強烈且層次錯落有致的影像,彷彿一幅以黑白兩色作為主調的幾何抽象畫。 Strongly influenced by Cartier-Bresson, Yen Tzu-Sung creates photography that leaves a lot to the viewers’ imagination. The Taiwanese artist explores the gray area between the reality and the abstract as he, with a discerning pair of eyes, deconstruct objects, spaces, or buildings to transform images in the real world into distinctive codes. His Symbiosis is a work of black and white photography that features a set of stairs in geometric shapes and neat lines. Made of wood planks laid in different directions, the pentagonal stairs give a visual impact and a sense of form. When captured under Yen’s lens, with the effect from the depth of fields and the shadows, the stairs become an image of staggered layers with an intense contrast between black and white, looking as if it were a geometric abstract piece painted in the two colors.